Being a successful entrepreneur isn't just about innovation, facts or figures. It's about networking, learning from the best and brightest names in business and collaborating and sharing with like-minded individuals.

That's why, as a Future50 member, you'll have unique access to a range of events and masterclasses from business leaders and political figures, giving you all you need to make the most of your business, idea or project. 

Do you know what to look for in the perfect partner? Where do you go to discuss investment options for a new business? Are you a 'general' or a 'hugger'? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more in our regular masterclasses, which will cover areas such as:

There'll also be the chance to get involved in an annual entrepreneur's conference as well as a series of intimate supper club events. We'll be bringing you more news on our events very soon, but for now watch this space.


We're terribly sorry, but currently we have no events for you, please return shortly and we should have some then.