What Makes a Future50 Member?


A successful Future50 member has the ability to drive their business, with a focus on both achievement and enjoyment. When it comes to performance they should create an environment and vision within the business that carries the employees, suppliers, partners and customers in the same direction.


Do you have the attributes that we’re looking for?


Leadership: Be engaged and engaging, and determined to drive performance.

Culture: Create a well-defined culture that stands out from the crowd and is based on training, accountability and commitment.

Skills and knowledge: Success is the result of acquiring knowledge and mastering the skills needed to use that knowledge as best you can.

Communication: Everyone within your business must be able to sell themselves and the business. Communication at every level is vital.

Brand identity: Create the complete package – a brand identity that sets you apart from your competition and that radiates success.

Systems: Develop a strong structure that ensures efficiency, productivity, consistency and predictability.

Incentives: Inspire, reward and celebrate performance. The best organisations ensure their employees can achieve their full potential.

Financial acumen: Make sure you are financially solid and have the resources to fund the growth that you aspire to.

Community involvement: Success isn’t just about making money. The true character of a business is defined by what it gives back to the community.


Remember that success isn’t just defined by figures or growth. If you have the combination of these skills and attributes we want to hear from you. 


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