Future50 is all about giving your business the help and advice it needs to be successful. We hope you'll find everything you need within easy reach on our website or in our frequently asked questions below, but if there's anything else you need then get in touch!


What is Future50?
Future50 is an exciting business growth programme that’s here to recognise the most innovative and pioneering companies from Norfolk and Suffolk. We’ll help to accelerate your growth ambitions through exceptional business advice, inspirational networking events, innovative multimedia business support and access to grant funding.

Can I apply?
Future50 is open to Norfolk and Suffolk’s small-to-medium sized businesses, meaning you should employ less than 250 people and turnover less than £40 million. Anyone can apply to be a Future50 member but we’re looking for the region’s most enterprising, innovative and exciting entrepreneurs and businesses with the greatest potential.

How do I apply?
Complete the online application, remembering to keep a copy for your records. Your application will be acknowledged and contact by a Business Consultant will follow within 24 hours.

What information do I need to complete the application?
The questions are straightforward and designed to establish the journey that your business has made and your strategy for the future relating to growth through projected revenue, profit investment and jobs. We also want to understand how you believe the support of the programme will benefit you.

Is there any cost to apply for membership?
No, anyone that adheres to our entry criteria is able to apply for Future50. Just see our ‘about’ section for more details and you’re ready to join our community!

Can I apply for membership if I've been a Future50 member before?

If I apply this time and am unsuccessful does that preclude me from applying in 2016?

How much grant can I get?
Grant funding between £5,000 and £50,000 per business at an intervention rate of 20 per cent. i.e. a £25,000 investment could potentially attract a £5000 grant.

Can I claim costs retrospectively?
No, the grant is only eligible towards expenditure which has not yet been committed at the date of application.

Is support available to help with the application process?
Norfolk businesses contact:
Richard Voisey, Business Consultant
07787 520845

Suffolk businesses contact:
Paul Gardner, Business Consultant
07920 780042